UPDATE-Construction of New Canister Site at the Landfill Nearly Complete


The new Canister Site at the Beaverhead County Landfill is nearly complete. With hopes to be open by the 1st of July, there are just a few finishing touches left to do. The goal of the new canister site is to make the landfill experience more convenient and safer for individuals looking to dump household garbage and lawn debris. By having the canisters Beaverhead County residents will no longer have to enter the pit when dumping, this should clear up traffic and safety issues that frequently arise. The plans have the area set to be lighted which Solid Waste Manager Larry Laknar hopes will be beneficial for dumping during the winter months. When the canisters open for public use the hours will be the same as they have been for the dump, this may be subject to change in the future. If you have any questions, please contact the Solid Waste office at 683-3753.