Beaverhead County Solid Waste Canister Improvements

Securing Refuse Sites in Beaverhead County

Beaverhead County Solid Waste announces a special improvement project at the Wise River/Dewey transfer station and Glen transfer station.

If you haul your trash to either of these transfer stations, you will notice some changes at these sites starting in September. Beaverhead County Solid Waste installed new hydraulic lids systems to secure transfer stations around the county, starting with the Wise River/Dewey and Glen sites. The County and Beaverhead Electric installed a new hydraulic lid system on the transfer containers to help keep trash contained and prevent bears and wildlife from accessing garbage.

Each site will have a control panel, giving people easy control for opening and closing of the lids on the containers. To use the containers, simply push the button to open the lid, then push it again to close the lid when you’re done. Keeping the lid closed will create a cleaner site with less trash

If residents have questions, or need to report problems, contact
Beaverhead County Solid Waste at (406) 683-3780.