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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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5th Judicial District Courtroom Procedures and Court Information

Polycom Instructions for Beaverhead County 

The Clerk of District Court is the official keeper of all District Court records for Beaverhead County. These records include Adoption, Civil, Criminal, Dependent Neglect, Domestic Relations, Guardianship, Juvenile, Paternity, Probate, and Sanity cases. It is the Clerk of Court’s responsibility to ensure accurate and up-to-date records. The Clerk also issues, files, and records all Beaverhead County marriage license applications and licenses.

The majority of all Clerk of Court records are open to the public. Records are searched daily by title companies, credit agencies, investigative agencies, and the general public. Searches, copies and certified copies are provided upon request. Fees for searches and copies are charged according to statute.

The Clerk of District Court also serves as Jury Commissioner for Beaverhead County. As required by statute, each year the Secretary of State provides a combined list of registered voters, licensed drivers and holders of Montana ID cards to the Clerk of District Court. This list is stored and maintained electronically and it is from this list that jurors are pulled for the City, Justice and District Court Judges. It is the Clerk’s duty to maintain an accurate listing of all selected jurors and to pull individual jury panels for the District Court Judge upon request.

5th Judicial District Court Rules

  • »Obtaining a Marriage License Information


    Necessity of license: It is against the law to be joined in marriage (by an officiant) without a license issued by a clerk of the district court.

    Who can act as an officiant: Any judge of any court, city mayor, minister, pastor, priest, or in accordance with any mode of solemnization recognized by any religious denomination, Indian nation or tribe.  In addition, there are certain other public officials in a few other counties in the state who may be able to.

    Validity of license: A marriage license, once issued, is valid for 180 days (about 6 months).  It is valid the minute it is issued; THERE IS NO WAITING PERIOD.  If at least one of the parties is a Montana resident, it is valid anywhere in the state.  If both parties are non-residents, the license may be obtained from the clerk of the district court of the county where the marriage ceremony is to be performed.

    Age of consent: At least 18 for both parties.  If one or both is younger than 18, but 16 or older, it is still possible to get a license, but you are required to do much more (see AMarriages Involving Minors@ below).  In any case, we may require you to show proof of age and identity (birth certificate and/or picture ID).

    Blood test:  As of 3/7/2019, it is not necessary for women to have a premarital blood test.

    Fees: $53.00 for the license + $7.00 if you would like a certified copy sent to you after your license and certificate is filed.  You will need a certified copy to change your last name.  TOTAL $60.00.  Cash, cashier’s check or money orders are gladly accepted.  We do not accept debit or credit cards.

    Prior marriage(s): Any applicant who has been married before must show proof of the termination of the prior marriage (either a death certificate or a divorce decree.)  If the applicant has been married more than once before, it only applies to the immediate past marriage.  If the marriage was terminated in this county, local records can be checked; otherwise, you will need to bring copies.

    Appearance of both parties: We have to have BOTH parties’ signatures on the application and blood test certificate/waiver if presented BEFORE we can issue the license.

    Public Record: Marriage licenses are public record and we cannot withhold them from the media or anyone else.

    Forms: We’re happy to provide you with a worksheet, in advance, that shows everything we need to know for all the paperwork.  You will save yourselves time and trouble if you take the time to fill it out completely.

    Legal impediments: It is against the law for us to AND WE WILL NOT ISSUE A LICENSE TO ANYONE WHO IS: (1) under the age of 16; (2) nearer in kin than second cousin to the prospective spouse; (3) under the influence of any intoxicant at the time of application; (4) had a prior marriage license application rejected and the reason for rejection has not been rectified; or (5) not fully complied with any provision contained on this sheet.  Please, don’t even try.

    Penalties: Misdemeanor and/or felony criminal charges can result from knowingly falsifying information on your application and/or failing to comply with the laws relating to the application.  Possible penalties resulting from any criminal conviction can include fines and/or jail time.  Aside from criminal liability, you may face serious consequences, legally and otherwise, if you choose not to comply with the spirit and intent of the laws relating to marriage.  Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any uncertainty.  You are assured we will maintain confidentiality and either answer your questions to the best of our ability or refer you to someone who can.



    Declaration without solemnization: It is possible to declare yourselves legally married without going through a ceremony in Montana.  You will still, in effect, have to comply with everything on this sheet, although we will not actually be issuing you a license.  Ask us for details.

    Marriage by proxy: Montana in one of a very few states that allow a party to a marriage to provide a written proxy if that party is unable to attend the solemnization of the marriage.  In other words, you can nominate (in writing) another person to stand in for you at the actual ceremony if you are unable to be present.  Again, ask us for details.


    Montana law protects minors and imposes additional requirements to ensure that a proposed marriage is in the best interest of an underage party.

    If either party is under sixteen (16) years of age, THERE CANNOT BE A LEGAL MARRIAGE IN MONTANA.  If either of the parties is 16 or 17, it is possible to get a marriage license, but you have to fully comply with everything stated above, PLUS THE FOLLOWING:


    Parent or guardian permission: You will have to provide written, signed and notarized permission to the marriage from any parent or legal guardian whose rights haven=t been legally terminated.  This may mean contacting an absent parent or guardian.

    Counseling sessions: The law requires you to submit a WRITTEN report from a designated counselor, stating that both parties have adequately participated in and completed at least two (2) marriage counseling sessions, at least ten (10) days apart, before we can issue a license.

    Judicial approval: After you have done all the above things, there is one more hurdle.  A marriage license may be issued only if the district judge finds that the underage party can assume the responsibilities of marriage and that marriage will serve the minor=s best interest.  Pregnancy alone does not establish that the best interest of the party will be served.  So, even in cases where a pregnancy is involved, as well as when not, the district judge, in effect, must approve of the marriage.

  • »Pro Se/Self-Represented Litigant Information

    State of Montana Court Help Law Program

    Assisting self-represented litigants with access to Montana legal resources and information

    The Court Help Law Program is an initiative of the Montana Supreme Court which assists Montana residents with civil (i.e. non-criminal) legal problems. Assistance is provided without regard to income. Our goal is to give you the information you need to understand your legal rights and responsibilities and help you resolve your legal problems if you do not hire an attorney.

  • »Passport Information

    Passport Book vs Passport Card:

    Passport Book Passport Card Both
    Geographical Us All Countries Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Bermuda
    Travel Use
    Cost, Over 16 $110 + $35 $30 + $35 $140 + $35
    Cost, Under 16 $80 + $35 $15 + $35 $95 + $35
    Expedited Service $60 Additional $60 Additional $60 Additional


    • Womack’s Printing Place: 126 North Montana, Dillon 59725, (406) 683-4903

    Citizenship Evidence: (you will need one of the following)

    • Old passport
    • Certified copy of birth certificate (birth certificate must have parents’ names and raised seal from issuing state)
    • Original naturalization certificate

    Passport Fees

    (good for traveling to/from all countries)

    • Adults (16 and over)
      • $135 TOTAL (Split Fee, 2 forms of payment needed)
        • $110 (Must be in form of a personal check, money order, or cashier’s check. Make checks payable to DEPARTMENT OF STATE.)
        • $35 (Cash accepted for this fee. Make checks payable to PASSPORT AGENT)
    • CHILDREN (15 and under)
      • $105 TOTAL (Split Fee, 2 forms of payment needed)
        • $80 (Must be in form of a personal check, money order, or cashier’s check. Make checks payable to DEPARTMENT OF STATE.)
        • $35 (Cash accepted for this fee. Make checks payable to PASSPORT AGENT.)
    • PASSPORT BOOKS can be expedited for an additional $60. Expedite takes 2-3 weeks.

    (good for traveling to Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, & Bermuda by LAND and SEA only)

    • ADULTS (16 AND OVER)
      • $55 TOTAL (Split Fee, 2 forms of payment needed)
        • $30 (Must be in form of a personal check, money order or cashier’s check. Make checks payable to DEPARTMENT OF STATE.)
        • $35 (Cash accepted for this fee. Make checks payable to PASSPORT AGENT.)
    • CHILDREN (15 and under)
      • $35 TOTAL (Split Fee, 2 forms of payment needed)
        • $15 (Must be in form of a personal check, money order, or cashier’s check. Make checks payable to DEPARTMENT OF STATE.)
        • $35 (Cash accepted for this fee. Make checks payable to PASSPORT AGENT.)

    * Note: Separate checks needed for each passport application.


Name/Title Position Phone Email
Carly Jay Anderson Clerk of District Court (406) 683-3725 Email
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Hallie Woods Deputy Clerk of District Court (460) 683-3725 Email


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