Solid Waste Management (Landfill)

The Beaverhead County Solid Waste Department partners with West Electric and Beaverhead Recycling to aid in local recycling efforts. Recycling is important, and Beaverhead County is committed to doing their part in reducing waste in the landfill. Recycling helps extend the life of the landfill and reduce greenhouse gases. For information on what materials are currently being recycled in Beaverhead County and other locations where you can take your recyclables: Recycling Information.

Dump Hours

The landfill is open on Sundays during summer hours. Summer hours begin with daylight savings time in the spring and end with the return of standard time in the fall.

  • Winter Hours: MON – SAT: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Summer Hours: MON – SAT: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM, SUN 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

** The Landfill is closed for all recognized government holidays. If you’re unsure, save yourself a trip and call ahead.


  • »Can I bring dead animals (pets, livestock, roadkill, or carcasses during hunting season)?

    Please follow the signs and dump carcasses in the marked pit, or call ahead to the landfill shop and let them know you’re coming. The DEQ requires that pits with carcasses always be covered to help prevent the spread of disease. It is important that landfill staff is aware that there was a carcass dumped so they can cover it.

  • »Can I bring asbestos materials from construction/demolition?

    Yes and No. If you would like to bring materials with known asbestos components to the landfill you must call ahead for instruction specific to your situation. There are certain steps that must be taken before dumping the material, and there is a limit on the amount of material the landfill can accept at any one time.

  • »Is there a fee for dumping?

    There is no fee for residential waste from Beaverhead County residents. The landfill and the canister sites around the county are intended for Beaverhead County residents only. If the load is more than just a load of household garbage (i.e. commercial demolition) the load must be weighed and a fee must be paid at the solid waste office in the courthouse. If you’re unsure if this will apply to your load, please call the solid waste office to confirm.

  • »Can I bring old paint to the landfill?

    Old paint may be disposed of as long as it is in containers that are 5 gallons or less.

  • »Can I bring yard debris to the landfill?

    Yes. Please dump yard debris in the designated area for yard/garden materials. DO NOT dump any other materials in this pile.

Landfill Site & Canister Locations

Information on recycling


Name/Title Position Phone Email
Larry Laknar Solid Waste Manager (406) 683-3780 Email
Jamie Flynn Solid Waste Secretary (406) 683-3780 Email


MON – FRI: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


(406) 683-3780

Landfill Shop
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(406) 683-3769


2 South Pacific Street, Suite 12
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Beaverhead County Landfill
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