Junk Vehicle Program

Montana was one of the leading states to enact junk vehicle legislation.  Its primary purpose is to control junk vehicles from being scattered throughout the countryside, thereby helping to preserve the beauty of our state.  This program also provides for the recycling of the junk vehicles collected so that this valuable resource may be utilized again.  This program is paid for from the small fee you are assessed when you license your vehicle.  The benefits of this program are available to all Montanans and you are encouraged to use them.

Beaverhead County has a Junk Vehicle program.  Vehicles are hauled to the County Landfill and stored in a graveyard.  When we get a certain amount of vehicles, they are crushed and recycled.

There is a form that needs to be filled out and a title registration or bill of sale is required for the removal of a junk vehicle.

Please contact Jamie Flynn, Beaverhead County Junk Vehicle Administrator, at the county courthouse at 406-683-3780, if you would like more information.